Best Burgers on the Block

This particular blog is devoted to the burger aficionados of the world as I talk about the best burgers on the block in Sonoma Valley. It is about eating burgers in Sonoma and talking about them. I hope this article “Best Burgers on the Block” expands to “Best Burgers on the Block, Edition 2.” Currently, I am taking a much needed burger break in order to hone in on my waistline. Until then, love well and eat burgers!

Best Burger on the Block - WTF Burger at il Fuoco Sonoma
WTF Burger at il Fuoco

WTF Burger at il Fuoco

il Fuoco is known for its excellent wood fired Italian-style pizzas. Since the focus was on writing about burgers, I intentionally ordered the WTF Burger from the menu. The owner, Rob Larman, served us up our burger while my eyes widened in surprise. I could barely locate the ground beef that was holding up the grilled onions, white cheddar, BBQ pork shoulder, 14-hour prime brisket, house-cured maple bacon, topped with a fried chipotle pork cake. Eventually, I found it – Painted Hills beef cooked to a perfect medium rare. The fried chipotle pork cake was delicious, the 14-hour prime brisket spoke to my Texas soul, and the house-cured maple bacon incessantly insisted on being the star on my palate. The WTF Burger leaps gastronomically. To sum up, if you are looking for an over the top burger experience, you’ll certainly find it at il Fuoco.

Emporium Burger at Sausage Emporium

My husband and I frequent Sausage Emporium for the friendly vibes and stellar breakfasts that showcase their very own gourmet sausages. It’s our go-to happy place. It was out of character for us to go to lunch at Sausage Emporium, however, I wanted to see if they provided a burger on the menu. Eager to try the Emporium Burgeran Italian sausage patty with cheddar cheese, lettuce, and tomato, I ordered without hesitation. At first, the condiment offerings seemed pretty basic, however “you had me at Italian sausage.” Upon tasting the Emporium Burger, I realized that too many condiments would undoubtedly distract. Surely, being true to their roots in the gourmet sausage business, the Emporium Burger showcases rich, flavorful gourmet Italian sausage in a patty. The fixings support this and the fresh body of the brioche bun provides complete taste bud closure to the burger experience at Sausage Emporium. We’ll be adding “going to lunch” in addition to “going to breakfast” at Sausage Emporium to our repertoire.

The Emporium Burger at Sausage Emporium in Sonoma - Best Burgers
Emporium Burger at Sausage Emporium
Best Burgers on the Block - Emporium Burger at Sausage Emporium in Sonoma

Don Chava Burger at Picazo Cafe

Best Burger on the Block-  Picazo Cafe sign in Sonoma

Picazo Cafe is undeniably a local favorite in Sonoma. This friendly, family-owned establishment is well loved around town for so many good reasons. The legendary Don Chava Burger, named after the owner’s father, is certainly one of them. The Don Chava Burger is crafted with Niman Ranch beef, mayo, house braised pulled pork, bbq sauce, pepper jack cheese, jalapeño, lettuce, tomato, pickled red onion and spicy Picazo sauce. They also offer a mild Picazo sauce if spicy isn’t your liking. I highly recommend Picazo Cafe for the Don Chava Burger. You might even be greeted by the friendly Don Chava himself.

The Don Chava Burger at Picazo's Cafe - Best Burger
Don Chava Burger at Picazo Cafe

Codi Burger at B&V Whiskey Bar & Grille

Meet the “Codi Burger” – Niman Ranch beef, double applewood bacon, pepper jack cheese, Gloria Ferrer onion rings, and made in house B&V BBQ sauce, all served on a sweet bun with hand cut fries. You can also order the Codi Burger in a lettuce wrap if you like. With gusto, my husband and I ordered the truffle fries to pair with our burger. We shared the meal yet I can’t say the truffle fries were shared evenly.

Best Burgers on the Block at B&V Whiskey Bar & Grille in Sonoma
Codi Burger at B&V
Truffle Fries at B&V Whiskey Bar & Grille in Sonoma
Truffle Fries at B&V

B&V Whiskey Bar & Grille is a friendly, local spot in downtown Sonoma. It’s a great place to watch sports, talk to people, and simply enjoy one of the best burgers on the block. Everything is good here, including the atmosphere and the hospitality. Codi, the owner, being one of the nicest guys in town, always has time to say hello and give a personal welcome to B&V. You should stop in next time you are in town and say hello. Might as well have the Codi Burger too.

Country Lou Burger at Lou’s Luncheonette

Best Burgers on the Block - Lou's Luncheonette in Sonoma

Lou’s Luncheonette is a one of a kind establishment, located off of Hwy 12 towards Napa. My family and I experienced Lou’s Luncheonette for the very first time over the weekend and loved it! We can’t wait to come back as we want to try EVERYTHING on the menu. Since I was staying true to my goal of tasting the best burgers on the block, I ordered the Country Lou Burger dressed up with pimento cheese, bacon, slaw, and pickles. The flavorful combination kept me hyper-focused on enjoying my burger. I added on a side of fries — crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, exactly how I like them. If you don’t want fries, you can add on a side of slaw, collards, potato salad, or mac n cheese. 

Country Lou Burger at Lou's Luncheonette in Sonoma
Handcut Fries and Hushpuppies at Lou's Luncheonette in Sonoma

The value at Lou’s Luncheonette speaks to the wallet, the mouthwatering burgers speaks to the soul, the playful environment (ping-pong, bocce, and beautiful outside space) speak to family and friends. Add in the super friendly hospitality and you have a winner, winner burger dinner.

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