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It’s beautiful having you here! is a seasonal gathering that empowers women to embrace freedom in all areas of their lives. We provide a loving and safe space, where women come together to uplift, and pray for one another as we share the love of God, food, and wine. Get cozy, pour a glass of wine (we have non-alcoholic wine too) and treat yourself to some well-deserved ‘you time’. ❤️ Amy & Krista

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We’ve got you covered. Dishing up an abundant serving of seasonal inspiration just for you. As a community of friends, we bring you uplifting conversations, mouthwatering recipes, and wine pairings to toast to. All this delivered free – right to your inbox. It’s going to be so good, we can’t wait for you to taste it. Cheers friends!

Who we are


God is about love and desires relationship with you. You are His daughter. Jesus knows you well and desires for your heart to be satisfied by His organic love. Holy Spirit is the ultimate friend and companion who expresses God’s truth and love in all ways.


Food symbolizes comfort and sustenance. Food is meant to be shared with others. A cherished family heirloom can exist in a recipe passed down for generations. We are all taken care of when we are nourished and loved with good, organic food at the table.


Wine symbolizes the heart of life. Wine is celebratory and life is meant to be celebrated! Wine is organic, from the earth, rooted in love. When wine finds its food love language, sensory horizons expand. We can share a glass of wine in communion with one another.

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