Sonoma Sparkling Wines to Love

Sonoma sparkling wines make me want to celebrate every day. As a matter of fact, I enjoy Sonoma sparkling wine to love during the week with certain meals. A bright, bubbly glass of sparkling wine on the weekends brings me that vavavoom feeling that the French seem to know so well. To me, a glass of sparkling wine in hand is simple sophistication, elegant, and timeless.

Did you know that Champagne is sparkling wine but all sparkling wine is not Champagne? Sparkling wine can only be called Champagne if it comes from the region of Champagne, France. In fact, it is illegal for American wineries to use the word Champagne on their labels. So, I will only mention sparkling wine as I sip my bubbly, write about, and toast — “To Sonoma Sparkling Wines to Love!”

95476 Sonoma Coast Pét-Nat by La Prenda

Sonoma sparkling wine to love. La Prenda 95476 Sonoma Coast Pétillant Naturel on table with a glass of wine on each side at La Prenda Winery in Sonoma.

Looking for a cute tasting room in the town of Sonoma? This is it. I fell in love while visiting La Prenda Wines notably because of this Sonoma sparkling wine to love – 95476 Sonoma Coast Pétillant Natural or Pét-Nat as it is endearingly named. I would say it is a wilder version of sparkling wine or Champagne that is absolutely delicious and lower in alcohol. Pétillant Natural roughly translates to “naturally bubbling or sparkling.”

Pét-nat is made with what is known as the “ancestral” method, which is the oldest version of sparkling wine making. The method originates in 16th century France. It involves bottling before first fermentation has finished, allowing the process to complete in bottle. As a result, Pét-Nat produces a wine with a lower alcohol content and gentle carbonation. It captures the characteristics of the grape varietal beautifully, allowing the fruit and aromatics to genuinely shine through. On the contrary, the alternative method (the Champagne method) begins second fermentation in bottle after the first fermentation has completed.

La Prenda Wines is located just off the Historic Sonoma Square. Enjoy a 5 wine tasting flight, while learning about their wines and grape growing in Sonoma Valley. The atmosphere is welcoming, the hospitality is friendly — add in the stunning wines and you have yourself a delightful wine tasting experience at La Prenda Wines.  

The Champion Brut by Three Fat Guys

The Three Fat Guys are Tony Moll, Daryn Colledge, and Jason Spitz, former Green Bay Packers offensive lineman. The three forged a friendship and founded Three Fat Guys. Tony Moll, a Sonoma native, runs Three Fat Guys, where you will see him pouring wines or talking to guests in the TFG tasting room. 

A nice lady pouring The Champion Brut at Three Fat Guys Tasting Room.

My kind husband ordered me a glass of The Champion Brut at the Three Fat Guys Tasting Room (from friendly team player Kelly) who guided us to the backyard garden. What a beautiful spot! Wine taste under the trees, picnic and lounge near the hidden creek, while enjoying the cool breezes on a hot day.

The Champion Brut knows who it is. Juicy red fruit and pear with earth toned notes, combined with a beautifully textured body, play into what makes this sparkling wine The Champion Brut.

A glass of The Champion Brut on a wooden table by a mason jar of flowers in Three Fat Guys backyard garden.

P.S. I like that they don’t rush you here. It’s a great place to reconnect with family, friends, or have some rest and romance with your love. You should check it out! @threefatguyswines

Gloria Ferrer Blanc de Noir Rosé

Gloria Ferrer Blanc de Noir Rosé on wooden fence background with grape leaves at base of wooden ledge.

Gloria Ferrer is located in the Carneros region on the Sonoma side. In fact, It is the first sparkling winery in the Carneros region. José Ferrer pursued his family dream of producing exceptional traditional method sparkling wine in the United States. In the 1980s, he ventured from Barcelona, Spain to Sonoma, California with his wife Gloria to explore the ultimate region to make sparkling wine. They found Carneros.

The Blanc de Noirs Rosé is predominantly made from hand-harvested Pinot Noir grapes. The wine has a dewy, rosy glow in the glass that sends out aromas of bright strawberry and cherry. There is a hint of pear and the strength of gentle minerality. I love the Blanc de Noir Rosé’s lush palate and lively bubbles. I also love that this wine is offered in half-bottles as well. This is a Sonoma sparkling wine to love.

SIGH Champagne & Wine Bar

Flights of sparkling wine at SIGH in Sonoma.

Start the day with a smile and finish it with champagne.


In writing “Sonoma Sparkling Wines to Love”, it is inevitable that I have to mention a visit to SIGH! Named One of the Top 25 Wine Bars in the Country by Travel & Leisure, this champagne and sparkling wine bar serves bubbly from all over the world.

When you visit, ask your sparkling wine expert to suggest the sparkling wines from Sonoma that they serve on the menu to further your education and experience of Sonoma sparkling wines to love.

P.S. You can even take your champagne or sparkling wine “to go” as you head out on the Sonoma Square for shopping or strolling.

Hope to see you at SIGH @sighsonoma for bubbly soon! Until then, a 🥂 toast “To all that is good in life!” 

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