Sonoma Valley Wines to Love for Thanksgiving

There is an abundance of Sonoma Valley Wines to Love for Thanksgiving. Here is a handful of wines that I am thankful for. These wines pair beautifully with the traditional to not so traditional Thanksgiving fare — sushi anyone? The most important thing to remember about wine — if you like it, that’s all that matters. Happy Thanksgiving!

1. Rosé of Grenache – Hamilton Family Wines

Hamilton Family Wines Rosé of Grenache is lovely. The crisp minerality of this wine, with juicy raspberry fruit notes and lively mouthfeel, make it a perfect pairing for Thanksgiving. This wine pairs well with the traditional ham or turkey and complements side dishes that have a creamy texture to them such as mashed potatoes, gravy, dressing or stuffing — making this wine an all around “go to” wine for your table. Make sure you buy enough, as this wine sips easy. Other Pairings — Sushi, Indian food, Cheese platters

Sonoma Valley Wines to Love for Thanksgiving

2. Pinot Noir – Meadowcroft Wines

The Pinot Noir at Meadowcroft Wines is a staple at our house. My friends and family love when I share this wine with them. The only complaint I have about it is I never buy enough — it is so good! This is a wine that is friendly, with a mysterious air to it that keeps you wanting another sip. Savor this one with its lively and playful red fruit and rich character. Turkey and ham go perfect with Meadowcroft Wines Pinot Noir, along with gamy meats such as lamb, duck, or venison. It is excellent with pumpkin based dishes too. The Pinot Noir grapes are grown in Anderson Valley. The wine is made in Sonoma Valley. Other Pairings — Salmon, Mushroom dishes

Sonoma Valley Wines to Love for Thanksgiving

3. The Champion Brut – Three Fat Guys Wines

The Three Fat Guys are former NFL players, Tony Moll, Daryn Colledge, and Jason Spitz, who met each other playing for the Green Bay Packers. Tony Moll, native to Sonoma, can be seen hanging out in the TFG tasting room and talking to guests. A super friendly winery, a super friendly wine – The Champion Brut. This sparkling wine complements white meats and creamy dishes with rich textures and flavors, as the bright acidity teams up with enthusiasm. This wine is full of fruit flavor while preserving its dry palette. You just have to try it. Other Pairings — Buttery popcorn, Mixed Berry pie, Creamy cheeses

three fat guys brut sparkling wine for thanksgiving

4. Cabernet Sauvignon – B.Wise

B. Wise Vineyards makes its home in Sonoma Valley. The Cabernet Sauvignon grapes are grown in the gorgeous Moon Mountain district, respected in the Valley for growing stunning Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine is everything you want your Cabernet Sauvignon to be — deep, rich, concentrated black fruit, surrounded by silky smooth tannins and beautiful minerality. My husband and I received a bottle as a gift. On our first sip together, we were hooked. It’s a treasured bottle for Thanksgiving Day that will have your guests talking, actually — sipping! Red meat all day long for this wine. B.Wise Vineyards Tasting Lounge is located in Kenwood. If you are in town, place it on your must visit list. Other Pairings — Dark chocolate, Molé based dishes, Aged cheddar cheeses

5. Grenache – Hamilton Family Wines

Grenache isn’t made by everyone in Sonoma and that’s why I like talking about it. Grenache is a grape varietal that deserves a place at the table. Hamilton Family Wines Grenache is a club member exclusive with 25 cases produced. It is a rich wine contrasted with deep red fruits and spice notes while remaining balanced and capable of pairing with most meat based dishes and sauces. Think roasted game meats and vegetables, mushroom based dishes, filet mignon. Grenache holds its own with many herbs and spices, making it fun to pair with adventures in the kitchen. Other Pairings — Less spicy Asian dishes, Stews, Bacon mac and cheese, Chocolate anything!

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Top Tip

If you like the wine, that’s all that matters.

Enjoy every sip of it


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