“A Month of Celebration for You”

First posted on the original god.food.wine. blog January 20th, 2016

This is a month of celebration for you. I heard these words in my heart while sitting with Holy Spirit one day this month. Shortly after, I heard the word, “disgorgement.” So, I looked up the word and found different definitions. It was time to pour a glass of sparkling wine to pair with my contemplation of the word “disgorgement.”

Pouring a glass of Champagne and drawing a bath

The definition I believe the Lord is speaking to me.

“Disgorgement, or dégorgement in French, is a step in making Champagne and other bottle fermented sparkling wines. After the second fermentation, the wine rests on the dead yeast cells (called “lees”) for a period of time, usually a minimum of 15 months for NV Champagne and a minimum of 3 years for vintage dated Champagnes (though most producers age for much longer then the minimum). This is called aging “sur lie”, or on the lees. Disgorgement is the process of taking these dead lees or sediment out of the bottle, so that when we buy the Champagne or sparkling wine it is crystal clear. Before the disgorgement step takes place; the individual bottles are riddled at an angle so that the lees (sediment) accumulate and collect in the neck of the bottle. This makes for easier and more uniform removal.”

This definition spoke to me, especially the words “crystal clear” as I have been praying for clarity and discernment in timing of certain desires of my heart. Disgorgement in Champagne or sparkling wine is all about clarity and timing.

There is a great article by Tyson Stelzer in the Decanter magazine called “Champagne disgorgement: it’s all in the timing” about Champagne and the disgorgement process, I particularly liked the Bollinger tasting notes below… notice the drink dates!

Bollinger, RD Extra Brut 2002
“The sheer energy, bold complexity and shimmering minerality of La Grande Année 2002 finds even greater focus and honed definition with half the dosage and another few years on lees. One of Champagne’s youngest late-disgorged releases, it begs for another decade for its full magnificence to emerge. Drink 2022-2037

woman sitting in chair with a glass of champagne

What I sense Holy Spirit is saying to me.

“Trust in Me and enjoy the process… for my Hand is in everything. Let my Heart guide you in every season, to fully emerge into all that is meant to be. Be joyful in the process, relax, enjoy life, let time take its course… you are worth the wait.”

What I am personally going through in my life is to rest in not being afraid. To live as I am created to be and enjoy the creative process of my life. I can choose to trust in God’s timing and process. There is an excitement and expectation like a child, as I step out with God one day at a time. I choose to rest in the thought of flowing in the perfect timing of the Holy Spirit. There is new clarity. God is the Creator of Celebration!

It is time for celebration.

I can choose to celebrate others — to laugh, live, and love. You are a Champagne to be celebrated, as you sparkle and shine with all the brilliance that God made you to be. The process is individual and might seem enduring, yet know your Loving Creator is celebrating you every moment of the way. God loves you more than anyone could love you in this world. You are your own unique vintage, timing, and creative process. An original not to be compared. A celebration! Today, I celebrate that truth with you. Cheers!

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