Holiday Tradition: Our Beautiful Friends Share The Most Cherished

We asked our friends about which holiday tradition they cherish the most PLUS what song is their current holiday jam. Read what they shared!

Our friend, Amy, up close with a plush red lobster hat on her head that goes on top of the family's Christmas tree as a yearly holiday tradition.

A Lobster Tale

A holiday tradition that my husband and I adopted, when we made the move from California to Massachusetts, was to top our family’s Christmas tree with a lobster; not a real one, of course, but a soft, plush hat that I purchased in Boston before we were married. The tradition continues eighteen years and three kids later; a true “New England” Christmas! Believe it or not, I am listening to an abundance of Michael Jackson this holiday season, as my thirteen year old is obsessed with mastering the moonwalk; I have: “Billie Jean, “Beat It,” “Thriller,” and “Smooth Criminal” incessantly looping on Spotify this holiday season. ❤️Amy

A Mama’s Heart

My favorite tradition is simply when I take out all the Christmas decorations.  My mom passed away 8 years ago and opening up all the boxes of my childhood memories feels like my mom is right there with me. She grew up with the holidays being a painful season for her. I feel so grateful to her for choosing joy around the holidays during my childhood. My current jam is hands down anything Amy Grant Christmas. Very nostalgic for me. ❤️Sarah

Our friend, Sarah, up close, laughing with joy at the camera.

Join the conversation❤️by leaving a comment below. “What holiday tradition do you cherish the most + what’s your current holiday jam?” Cheers!

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