Spiritual Wine Connoisseur

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Posted on the original god.food.wine. blog August 1st, 2010

Savoring my Way in Life

I love food and wine pairings. It is one of my favorite joys in this world. I find delight in experiencing “palette pleasure” as I taste through my life’s journey. People call me a food and wine connoisseur. I have experienced wonderful flavor revelation in everything from popcorn (preferably very buttery!) and champagne (all bubbles will do!) to a lavish coursed meal where the chef creates and presents surprises at every turn. Such was one nostalgic experience at Trio in Chicago with Grant Atchaz, both the molecular gastronomist and Willy Wonka of the chef world.

One reason that I love food and wine pairing so much is because there are no limits except for me. If I don’t try it, how will I know?  My boldness to try foods with wines (that I would have never put together in my mind) has led me to some over the top experiences. To that, I raise a glass and say, “To savoring all that can be imagined!”

Spiritual Wine Connoisseur

My friend, Sarah and I, spent the weekend recently in the towns of Redding and Chico. Firstly, I should say that we share the love of God, food, and wine. For this reason, we make a point to spend at least once a week to partake in this passion together. One night, we decided we wanted to go out on the road to experience God, food, and wine. Because of this idea, we chose Redding. Why Redding, you ask? Because, we were hearing that amazing things were going on at Bethel Church. The Holy Spirit was creating lavish courses of his own! A spiritual feast was being prepared at Bethel Church. We drove to Redding in the hope that there was going to be quite an experience ahead of us.

As we walked in with great anticipation of what was going to be, I walked into a presence I have never felt before (to this intensity.) I was consumed by peace, love, and joy. It was everywhere. As we were listening to the guest speaker that night, he said, “I consider myself a spiritual wine connoisseur”. My eyes lit up as I felt that word spoken directly to me, I live in the wine country where my career is all about the food and wine industry.

After our time in Redding, we spent some time in Chico to have lunch with my boyfriend, Matt. Here we were – two girls in love with God who had just experienced the most delicious feast the night before. Sarah and I were “high”, talking faster than we could think and Matt was the recipient. I could tell (or at least I think so) he was happy listening to our joy!

Food and Wine Pairing Revelation

On our way back home to Santa Rosa, Sarah and I talked about all that had been spoken that weekend. I couldn’t get over the “spiritual wine connoisseur” quote because I had never heard that before or paired the words “spiritual” and “wine” together. It resonated with my hungry soul. I told Sarah, “I want to write about this in my next blog – not sure how yet.”

Sarah started imparting her wisdom (she has so much) and said, “You know – verses in the Bible are a lot like food and wine pairings. A verse in the Bible might pair with a person’s life experience at the time they read it and explode with meaning and flavor while someone else might read another verse that explodes with flavor for them.” My heart resonated with what my friend was saying! As God did not make one palette the same on Earth, the same goes for our experience with Him. My experience with Him will never be the same as yours. I encourage you to try the Bible and see what He feeds you! I promise you every time will be different.

One of my favorite God, food, and wine pairings in the Bible is, “Take this bread and eat it, this is my body which will be given up for you” paired with “Take this wine and drink it, this is my blood which is my new covenant with you.” Jesus is a spiritual meal – a love feast where I am always satisfied.

And to that, I raise a glass and say, “To all that is to be savored in the Spirit!!!

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