Putting My Best Foot Forward

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Posted on the original god.food.wine. blog July 5th, 2010

Learning to Put My Best Foot Forward

Putting my best foot forward is my newest lesson in life as I learn about receiving. However, the way I am learning to receive is a direction that I did not foresee. Without a doubt, it has never been an easy task for me to receive freely from others. Various thoughts that have raced through my head go somewhat like this: “I feel bad about taking this, what can I do right away to repay them?” or “I can do this on my own, I don’t need their help” or “I am so not worthy of this gift. I will gracefully say ‘thank you’ and then have guilty feelings about this for a while”.


Recently, I underwent knee surgery to repair a meniscus tear in my right knee. The recovery time was six weeks. This included a combo of non weight-bearing activity, elevation, ice packs, upgraded ibuprofen,  and my best attitude forward. In my heart I knew that this Type A of a girl would have some work ahead of me.

So I set out to the sofa with good reads and work that I needed to catch up on. There was always available TV access loaded with good movies (thank you Netflix!) with delish food plates (cheese as king) & wines to savor (grenache as queen). A comfy blanket surrounded me. Additional supports were Aveda hand cream, various lip glosses (you can never have too many!) a yummy smelling candle, and my Bible from which all good thoughts seem to flow from. I was equipped!

My usual daily regime is putting my best foot forward in the wine & spirits business. I drive many miles touring Northern California, to visit my wonderful family of buyers in order to speak passionately about wine and spirits. As a regional sales manager, my relationship with each buyer is unique, and I gain satisfaction watching sales grow for them and for me. I tend to put a lot of weight into my career, which leads me to realize that this period of non weight-bearing activity is a gift of time to get back to the basics of me. I pray every day that I am making the best of every moment.

Everybody needs Somebody to Lean On

This is currently Week 7 of the healing process and I have so many family and friends to be thankful for! They help me with everyday activities that I take for granted such as driving, grocery shopping, cleaning, taking out the trash, and cooking (so missed cooking!). However, it hasn’t been easy to give up these tasks of independence and surrender them to others. As my granddaddy says, “Amy, everybody needs somebody.” It is like the simplest form of breathing. Why should I suffocate it? As I breathe in this fresh air of revelation, I put my best foot forward, raise my glass and say, “To all that is good in life!”

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