Holiday Gifts from Sonoma Valley for the Wine Lover

Here are my inspired ideas for Holiday Gifts from Sonoma Valley for the Wine Lover.There is an abundance of holiday gift ideas for the wine lover which makes shopping for the wine lovers in my life so enjoyable. I hope you enJOY my picks.

1. Wine Accessories – IWA

IWA stands for International Wine Accessories and is based in Sonoma County, CA. They literally have “everything for the wine lover” as they say. Though IWA is not technically in Sonoma Valley, their products are at many wineries and tasting rooms in Sonoma Valley. They are so dedicated to helping people create a wine lifestyle that I had to mention them. I am a huge fan of their Riedel crystal wine glass collection. Their new laser etched personalized walnut serving boards create an elegant platform for charcuterie and cheese as a wine accompaniment.

P.S. Wanting a customized wine cellar for Christmas? IWA can fulfill your wish. Their team of experts help you design a wine cellar specifically for your home. 

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IWA Wine Accessories Holiday Gift
Riedel Horn Decanter via
IWA Walnut Serving Board Holiday Gift
Personalized Walnut Serving Board via

2. Wine Clubs – Various Wineries

Most Sonoma Valley wineries offer wine clubs to wine lovers which provide many added benefits. Some wineries offer exclusive pricing on favorite wines or elevated wine experiences reserved for club members. Others offer hard-to-find wines as well as an opportunity to taste future offerings by a favorite winemaker. I would suggest finding out what your loved one’s favorite wine or winery is, then go to their website, or call the winery directly for more personal help. Most wine club shipments are 2-4 times a year offering different quantities of wine choices that ship direct from the winery to your loved one’s front door. 

3. Bottles of Wine – Various Wines

You can never go wrong with a wine lover by buying them wine, an absolute win-win! Find out what their favorite Sonoma Valley wine or winery is and order through the winery’s website or call direct to have wine shipped to their doorstep. Read my thoughts on Holiday Foodie Gift Ideas from Sonoma Valley as a pairing with the wine.

4. Food and Wine Experience at a Winery

There are the BEST food and wine experiences in Sonoma Valley. It is no surprise as some of the most accomplished chefs in the world reside in Sonoma Valley. This is a gift that will create a rich, savory, delicious memory for a lifetime. Mayo Family Winery, Ram’s Gate Winery, and Hamel Family Wines offer amazing food and wine experiences. 

5. Wine Journals/ Books on Wine 

Does your wine lover still adore good old fashioned pen and paper? Get them a wine journal! A great way to remember that life changing sip of their favorite wine in Sonoma Valley. Many wine journals have spaces to jot down information such as: name of winery, grape varietal, vintage year, tasting notes, and any other wine inspired thoughts.

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Books about wine are a wonderful gift idea for the wine lover who loves to learn and sip at the same time. There are a plethora of books about wine, here are a few of my favorites below.

The Oxford Companion to Wine by Jancis Robinson

I discovered this book when I was in wine school and always had it on hand as my go to wine reference. Jancis Robinson is a renowned wine guru all over the world. Decanter magazine describes her as “the most respected wine critic and journalist in the world”. Jancis Robinson’s friendly approachability to wine makes the topic so much less intimidating to learn about.

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Wine for Dummies by Ed McCarthy & Mary Ewing-Mulligan

Wine for Dummies was a gift from my Mother for my 22nd birthday. I was already becoming interested in learning about wine. This book fueled my new passion. I ended up attending the authors’ wine school in 1999 named The International Wine Center. That was the beginning of my wine & spirits career.

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The Essential Guide to Wine by Wine Folly (Madeline Puckette & Justin Hammack)

If you are a visual learner, this book is for you. It attracts the eye with brilliant color, it is organized and simple to use. The Essential Guide to Wine breaks down everything from what region a wine is from to what your palette might be tasting in the wine to what flavors in food and wine are a perfect match for each other and it’s just plain fun to look at. Genius.

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