~ Whisper Sweet Nothings ~

amy.love.“I love you… you mean the world to me… you’re the most beautiful person I know… there’s no place I’d rather be… don’t go… let me hold you… you are intoxicating… I have been looking for you my whole life… you complete me… you are amazing… your kisses…. do you feel the way I do?”

A cozy corner booth with a candle glow in an intimate restaurant… a picnic shared in a vineyard… covered in rainbow-colored leaves of fall… watching the sunset… cuddly moonlit night with the smells of pine trees lingering and crickets chirping… ocean breezes… sounds… a shared hammock watching the stars… eyes longingly gazing at each other while sipping on wine in front of a fragrant fireplace… sharing smells, textures, colors of a beautifully created meal… cozy blankets, movies, popcorn… rewind… “I got lost in you for a moment.”

“Whisper sweet nothings into my ear… right by your side is where I belong… I am home.”

To “whisper sweet nothings” in a person’s ear means to talk softly and lovingly to someone, while holding that someone close, and letting them know how much you love them.

2012.Sonoma County.Balletto.Rose’ of Pinot Noir.

2013.Sonoma County.Amy Biege.First Kiss of new Rose’.2.11.13.Love at First Sight.

2.16.13.My Birthday. Balletto 2012 Rose’ of Pinot Noir Debuts! “You had me at Rose'”

Yesterday was just like any other day… I woke up after a few snooze buttons… enjoyed a hearty breakfast with a bold cup of coffee… took my walk… enjoyed quiet time reading… got ready for the day with reggae playing as my inspiration… drove to Balletto (thank you Sarah!) and got ready to greet the beautiful and starry-eyed wine tasters that would come through the door from all walks of life on all ends of the planet… ready to fall in love… I am ready to “whisper sweet everythings” into their ears to inspire them falling in love with… Balletto Vineyards Wines!

Yesterday was not just any other day… as I walked through the doors of Balletto’s tasting room… it was just like the first time I walked through the same doors four years ago… I fell in love all over again… a beautiful, bright, and delicate coral colored Rose’ was staring at me… around the bottle was a personalized name tag “Amy” … this Rose’ was mine… I knew it from my “first kiss”, my first sip enjoyed in Sonoma County yet here it was again… like I had never seen… it was a “new love”. I always thought the Balletto Rose’ was gorgeous yet there was something different by the way this 2012 Rose’ looked at me… it knew it was different, it knew it had changed… for the best… and I was eager to taste this loving wine on my lips.

I eagerly poured the Balletto Rose’ into my wine glass… softly… closed my eyes… held it close, savored the fragrant aroma of roses… roses…roses… this flower knew its destiny. My lips drew closer to the Rose’ as my heart beat as a butterfly… “you are beautiful”… perfect fruit… full of luscious flavor… juicy peaches… “I am so glad you met me”… “Mmm… you smell so good!”

What “sweet something” would I enjoy my Rose’ with? Oh, just about anything… let your mind go… relax… get cozy… enjoy this “new love”… start out as friends on Facebook.com/BallettoVineyards.

My favorite Rose’ pairing is yet to be known… when that day comes, I will know!

… to that… I raise a glass of Balletto 2012 Rose’ of Pinot Noir and say “Happy Love Day” today and every day!

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Matters of the Heart

“It is hard to bypass matters of the heart Amy”… as I am savoring my first favorite sip of the morning… Taylor Maid Farms Red Rooster’s French Roast…. bold, robust, and bittersweet…. perfect cafe’ choice to hear this “word” during my precious and satiating quiet time every morning.

I write it down in my journal and don’t think about it for weeks… until tonight as I am enjoying my favorite first sips of Mira Vineyards 2009 Syrah… the most precious choice to write this story. As I sip this Syrah, my heart resuscitates the word again… “it is hard to bypass matters of the heart Amy”… so here I am… writing out my heart…. what will it tell me?

How will my story go? I don’t want to know. I want it to beat like every passionate brush stroke on an artist’s canvas… a true original not to be copied or stolen… I am a true original! Just like art, interpreted by many, yet only really known by the creator of the art… for me… that Creator is God.IMG_MIRA.

I am fluid in my writing, ebbing and flowing… pulsing… breathing… living…

As I reflect on the word “bypass” it means dual things for me…. “to avoid something unpleasant” and “a surgery creating an alternate route for blood flow since the main vessel is blocked with a clot”

Spiritually, these two definitions are occurring in me right now. This is a season of rawness, honesty, and vulnerability that I am no longer willing to hide from. I am no longer willing to ‘bypass” these delicate matters of the heart… although some unpleasant things that I haven’t been looking at within me are surfacing on that path. This is my garden… I want to steward it. If it looks “ugly”… I want to landscape it to be a place of beauty where the weed once was allowed to grow… similar to the surgery that frees blood flow in a main vessel of our hearts…

“spiritual blood clots”

Rebelliousness to change these things can be a tricky thing… rebelliousness in myself allows my mind to take over and rationalize, compromise, neglect, deny what is really going on. It is a deceitful and seductive lure. It is a lie…. shades of grey… for me now it is either Black or White. Darkness or Light.

What are the matters of your heart? Let your blood flow… for you never know… where you might go… when you allow yourself to let go…

and to that I raise a glass of… My 2009 Mira Syrah and say “LOVE”

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~ Dream Weaver ~

Image… when I heard “abortion & double portion” in my heart (in June) as my next “inspired writing” I believed it to be true… as my creativity sprouts I know it then gets ripe for picking. I didn’t hesitate to pick this idea as I felt it was good to eat even though I knew it might be a sensitive fruit to bite into.

Ideas “sprout” in my heart and sometimes my mind takes over and thinks… “I am not so sure about that”… that is how I felt when the words “abortion & double portion” created its idea in my heart, my head took over yet my heart knew I was writing it… even though what I thought it was originally going to be about created a new life… so here I go…  “let your mind go and your heart (body) will follow” to quote my favorite film, LA STORY!

I believe that part of the reason I am writing about “abortion & double portion” is because of the weed “fear” that tends to like to grow in every aspect of a person’s life no matter what the topic.

I am not going to speak about the word abortion as ending the pregnancy of a human life even though this message has the same beautiful meaning… I believe that I am being led to speak about abortion as the termination of things in our lives that we know, yet might not know at the time… to be true and lovely and real and honest and beautiful yet the weed “fear” can begin to grow and choke these precious thoughts and feelings based on what the world thinks and so often misjudges or… because we have been discouraged in our lives… or because we are just scared to live the lives that we are destined to live because it is too bold beyond our comprehension to receive because…. what we are about to receive is so big that we would need to alter our minds to believe it… do we believe with our minds first?… isn’t the heart what its all about? isn’t it true that a human being can live in a vegetal state because their heart is still beating yet if our hearts stop beating, our minds cannot continue our life.

I am talking about ideas & how they grow…… how they are planted as a seed, nurtured, watered, loved, held, sprout life, and BLOOM! I am writing about the beauty of keeping a dream alive & not aborting it no matter what the cost, wouldn’t the price be greater if lost?

I am a dreamer, I am a believer, I am a key keeper… unlocking one precious moment at a time, sublime and real. I believe that we are all born with dreams…. what are yours? 

I feel this writing is to be short and sweet encouraging you to breathe new life into your dreams that might be choking and need air, dreams that are almost dead yet can be resuscitated, dreams that took hold in your heart as a young girl or boy, they CAN be restored no matter what your circumstances … this is the year of double portions and OVERFLOWING abundance, if you are going to “go for it” this IS the year!! Your dreams have been waiting for this moment… it is impossible for dreams to give up on you, they WILL manifest to overflowing because they can’t be contained anymore…. they are craving to be free!!

one of my favorite verses… “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also”!!

And to that… I raise a glass of Chateau Montelena 2009 Zinfandel and say… “TO ALL THAT IS GOOD!”

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“As the World Turns”

ImageSome of the fondest memories of my Nonna (“grandmother” in Italian) are simply for the fact that she experienced enjoyment in them… cooking, eating, shopping, traveling, socializing, antiquing, visiting open house’s or sweet ladies in nursing homes on Sundays after church and of course… I always loved the home cooked Italian meals… eggplant parmigiana, pasta fagiole, escarole pizza (its really good!), meatballs with pine nuts & raisins, “my favorite meat” dish, lasagna, pasta, sauce, Italian sausage… I will have more sauce please!

… and then there were her “stories”… these were a certain sense of comfort for me… I would sit with Nonna and watch the daily dose of soap operas … Young and the Restless, As the World Turns, Guiding Light… isn’t it reflective when speaking about family or friends that have passed on…  what each person that loved them remembers? People touch people so differently in each other’s lives… what I might remember about one’s life would be far different than someone else’s memory… that is what is so beautiful to me.

At first, as a little girl, I didn’t quite understand the yearly & daily commitment 5 days a week to spend 3 hours watching these soap operas, yet I was in a way impressed by Nonna’s commitment to not miss “her stories”. As I started to get older, I became “hooked” on Young and the Restless and watched fairly faithfully thru college. I was always in amazement that even if I missed a week of “my story” that I could pick up the next week without missing a beat of the plot, it is still mysterious to me!

The worlds behind the TV screen were so different than mine… for starters… when I hang out at my house, I am usually wearing cozy clothes, sweats, t-shirts, bare feet or cozy socks, hair tossed up. The families on Young & the Restless were always dressed like they were going somewhere or on a honeymoon even if that meant staying home all day. Drama was an everyday casserole with love, deceit, lies, lust, and murder… as the daily specials. Joy was for dessert occasionally. There was always a well stocked bar to handle the digestion of any event unfolding!

Do you know that the world turns once per 24 hours and has a circumference at the equator of 24859.82 miles… so at the equator it is moving at just a bit over 1000 mph. WOW!

There are 24 hours in a day… how do I live every time the world turns once?

As I am spinning my days, what are they creating? Am I spinning around and around in my own soap opera?  How many moments of the day are notably valuable, precious treasures to be savored with loved ones, creating rich decadent moments… how many are just to “stay busy” … to get into whatever possible to run away from past baggage with hurts, wounds, addictions… weighing us down?

As The World Turns…

I have learned over the past year that I can actually “rest” in everything that I do. As the Earth rests as it spins, I will too. The daily baggage of worry, anxiety, fear, habits that don’t serve me… don’t “do” anything to help me achieve whatever I desire to. I am reaching new heights, higher flight… to places unknown yet sure. I think of a professionally trained athlete who maintains a certain sense of calm and composure as they achieve amazing results in their sport…. or a dance where two people in rhythm compose perfect harmony experiencing so much beauty in it… or an actor, artist, photographer, writer, poet, gardener… that allows time and space in their lives to loose an abandon of overwhelming creativity…as I am writing this I am not sure exactly where I am going with this story, yet I feel like it is part of the story.

We all have stories… each day an episode of our lives… with various plots and cast of characters… interwoven storylines going on all at the same time… the stories are endless… what are you going to write? Who will you surround yourself with as your cast of characters, what plots or storylines will you choose? How FuN to know that we can write our life… with God as my director, I feel pretty good about it.

I wonder if God, the angels, our families… watch “As the World Turns” from heaven… love, hate, drama, joy, pain, deceit, lust, commitment, integrity, lies, trust, murder, life, weddings, funerals, good and evil always turning…

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth…

I think He loves the good things in life… I will hang out with Him!!

to that… I raise my glass and say… “Join me tomorrow for another episode of …

“As the World Turns…”

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The Canvas of my Heart.

One cannot always tell when one falls in love….

I am not sure if he looked at me first or if I looked at him… I do know the canvas of my heart expresses an everlasting banquet created for him and his loyal friends that were blessed by every living Sunday that it took to finish his masterpiece… Luncheon of the Boating Party…. Renoir… you are… a superstar… and you always knew… you are past, present, future… and to that I raise my glass of Terra di Vigne Rose’ and say “rose colored glasses are how I choose to live my days”

the scenery. Fort Worth, Texas… the stage. Kimball Art Museum… the era. College…

Act 1 Scene 1

My Nonna (“grandmother” in Italian), my mother, and my sister spend a day relishing the exhibit “Renoir and Monet”… Nonna, who was born and raised in New York, always painted for my sister and me a precious love for the arts of paintings and Broadway plays. My Granddad is also an artist and painted many beautiful canvases of his heart. I am blessed that I was exposed to both even though as these loves were spotlighted I had no personal interest really.

As I was perusing the art of Renoir and Monet, I was enjoying, however, not into it… then…  my world turned and everything changed…

I am not sure if he looked at me first or if I looked at him… I do know the canvas of my heart expresses an everlasting banquet created for him and his loyal friends that were blessed by every living Sunday that it took to finish his masterpiece… Luncheon of the Boating Party…. Renoir… you are… a superstar… and you always knew… you are past, present, future… and to that I raise my glass of Terra di Vigne Rose’ and say “rose colored glasses are how I choose to live my days!!”

Act 2 Scene 2

I fall in love with the movie, “Amelie”… she is everything that I feel in my heart at the time… I find her in my post college days… I watch her on a regular basis, I am intrigued by her and her ways… she is French (like Renoir), passionate (like Renoir), sees thru rose-colored glasses (like Renoir), loves experiencing all the senses, delights, and small pleasures in life (like Renoir), she has a neighbor she spies on that paints Renoir’s “Luncheon of the Boating Party” (like Renoir)… she falls in love (like Renoir)… she sees herself as destined for something great (like Renoir)…

Act 3 Scene 3

Amy… amour… love… that is me! I realize I am destined for something greater than I know…  I am flavored with French descent (like Renoir and Amelie), passionate (like Renoir and Amelie), see thru rose-colored glasses (like Renoir and Amelie), love experiencing every small delight, pleasure, and the senses (like Renoir and Amelie) I sacrifice the safety of regular commissions (like Renoir) and choose to live out my passions knowing they will last for the past, present, and future generations to come… it is beautiful, it is painful, it is a different kind of knowing without knowing…. It is a masterpiece.

Why do I love Renoir so much? Well, I just figured it out really… isn’t that how love grows? It is not blossomed all at one time… how boring would that be? It starts out as a splash of color with fervor and passion, then it wanes to a smooth ebb and flow of this and that and maybe a little more of this and that… oh what a beautiful color… yes that’s it… oh, how did I get the depths of the vision wrong? Let’s try something new. . I am still in love with this painting… it intrigues me… oh wow, amazing how the lightest of a brush stroke changes everything… I am tired… I don’t think this is a good idea… I don’t know if I can go on… I have sacrificed everything for this painting and it is slipping from my fingers… no… I will go on… this is a masterpiece and masterpiece’s are really never done… I believe in love only if it comes from that place deepest in my heart that to abandon it would cause me the worst pain.

Act 4 Scene 4

scenery. Santa Rosa, CA…  stage. Connection Church… era. what I think is Love…

I am not sure if he looked at me first or if I looked at him… I do know the canvas of my heart expresses an everlasting banquet created for him and his loyal friends that were blessed by every living Sunday that it took to finish his masterpiece… Luncheon of the Boating Party….  His apostles… Jesus… you are… a superstar… and you always knew you are… you are past, present, future… and to that I raise my glass of Terra di Vigne Rose’ and say “rose colored glasses are how I choose to live my days… with you”….

You will always have my heart…. I never want to stop painting our love together… adorn me with new colors that I never knew existed… send me into the pleasures that I never knew possible because you exist… because you persist in your love for me… because you believe in me… I want to love you with more than wild abandon.

… and to that I raise my glass of Terra di Vigne Rose’ and say “rose colored glasses are how I choose to live my days… with you my amour… my love… my Jesus”…

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… from farm to table…

My Granddad was raised on a 40-acre farm in a small farming community called Pondtown in Southeast Alabama.  I have many fond memories of traveling from Texas with my granddad, mom, sister, and uncle out to the farm to visit Mama Brown and Papa Brown, my great grandparents who lived there until their graduation to heaven.

From the inviting green wooden swing on the front porch of “Mama & Papa Browns” with a glass of sweet tea in my hand, I could see Pondtown Methodist Church with its white steeple and the Pondtown Cemetery across the way from the red clay dirt road and field that lay in front of the farm-house. My granddaddy, his sisters, and parents frequented Pondtown Methodist Church every Sunday growing up. I have learned a great deal about my family tree by walking through the cemetery and reading the names and years lived on each tombstone. Our family tree is deeply rooted in Pondtown dating back to the early 1800’s and farming was the name of the game.

Granddad was raised on “farm to table” food simply because if the family was going to eat… it had to be killed, grown and picked, laid, milked, preserved, risen… and even fermented in the making of homemade wine! I can only imagine what each early rising day consisted of and I am blessed that my 92-year-old Granddad still shares those stories of daily life with me today…. I do remember the delicious and divine down home country breakfasts the most…“could you pass me another biscuit please?… oh… and milking a cow with my Papa Brown, and the pony named “Red”.

The “farm to table” philosophy is alive and well today. I am pleased to see the growth in popularity. It is comforting to me to know that in our ever-accelerating world and culture that the slow food movement is actually increasing in crop share. It is now a bit more glamorous than the olden days to behold farm to table fare while the farmers/ chefs/ restaurateurs preaching and living the “good news” of the slow food movement still appreciate the time, hard work, and understanding that goes into the experiences of living fresh every day.

That is one of the many reasons I adore living in Sonoma County. Local, local, local & fresh, fresh, fresh surround me. The food, the wine, the air, the grapevines, the water and fog, the abundance of locally owned businesses all take me back to a bit slower pace which I embrace spiritually, mentally, and physically. It is my “happy place”.

I am savoring time this month in Fort Worth, Texas for the holidays. My resting place is “Nonna & Granddads” house, which is the house I have known since the day of my birth in 1975. My Nonna passed away on Valentines Day almost 3 years ago, my Granddad is “holding the fort” in Fort Worth with strength and valor! What is his secret? Well… quite simple really… daily exercise, a shot of apple cider vinegar once a day, a deep faith in the Lord,  good, honest work with the Soil Conservation Service, and a loving family around him. Oh, and most recently added… a swig of Texas wine…Llano Sweet Red before he goes to bed each night.

My granddad and I have grown our own daily ritual together this month… every morning over a good Southern breakfast of eggs, bacon, biscuits and honey, and freshly brewed coffee; we read a daily devotional together. My Granddad reads from his Upper Room daily devotional… words of encouragement and inspiration that he receives fresh every month in the mail. It is a time that we share generational insight and I can’t help to believe that God is using this time to gain wisdom about Him, a God who is ever-loving and constantly fresh! I know that this is a time I will always cherish and am blessed to stretch my roots with family this holiday before I return to Santa Rosa, California. I guess you could say that my Granddad and I have created our own “farm to table” food experience…

… to that I raise my glass of Texas sweet red wine and say… “From the farm to the table and… all that is experienced in fresh, local goodness every day!!” AMEN!

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Destined to Dream… Rooted in Love…

Ever since I was a little girl… I have been told what to do or how to do things… it is not that I believe that this is necessarily bad… it is just an observation.

There is a saying that I read somewhere… “don’t fit into your culture that you do so without even thinking about it”. How many days do I wake up “programmed” to go about my day without even thinking about it… it is what I do because around me it seems “the way”. It is a simple thought to say… “well, I will just change it” … it is not that easy sometimes when riddled with responsibilities… ones I am not sure even questioned right for me in the first place. I am experiencing a personal epiphany in this department.

I am landscaping my path as I go… the most recent creation was my resignation from my career at Southern Wine & Spirits Northern California as a regional accounts manager. This paved a pathway to a sabbatical for myself… something I have always desired on my “dream list”…  honestly never thinking it really would happen.

The wine business has loved me for 12 years… my passion began when my mother bought me “The Wine Book for Dummies” by Mary Ewing-Mulligan and her husband Ed McCarthy for my 24th birthday. I had just gotten the bug for wine when I was required to write a paper on wine for my cooking class in college at TCU. My mother bought me this book knowing this and thus, my love affair with wine ignited like fire.

I started buying less than $10 bottles of wines… a chardonnay, merlot, cabernet sauvignon, pinot noir, sauvignon blanc and on and on… recruited my dear friends who I never had a drought of to taste the wines with me and talk about them together. What did a Chardonnay taste like? What was Merlot? How did you pronounce Viognier? (VEE-OHN-NYAY) I was intrigued to learn EVERYTHING! My first career (if you want to call it that) lasted 3 months. It was my first job graduating from TCU as a food management major and it was to be a supervisor of food production for American Airlines at DFW Airport … airline catering… it sounded fantastic and it had 3 zeros after 24! I was going to be rich… I thought! HA! I was supervising personnel that could have been my grandparents and I was all of 23. Adding to that, it was based on union AND… I had the night shifts. I don’t say, “hate” a lot to many things… but I hated it. I was miserable and thought… as I was driving home sleepy eyed one morning after my shift… “ this is not what I went to college for, to be miserable at some job… I am not doing this!” I started thinking about my passions… and thought… WINE!!! How can I make my love of wine a career? I decided that I was going to find the finest wine and cheese shop I could find in Fort Worth, Texas (my hometown) and get a job. I didn’t care if it was minimum wage or not… life meant too much to me to do something that I did not like. My belief has always been… “do what you love and the money will follow”… this belief has not let me down.

This thought brought my walk into Ronnie’s Fine Wine… and cheese… and… “the best baked bread in town”. My job was landed as a sales consultant… aka… do anything I was told to do… price wines, cut cheese all day (my companion was “The Cheese Primer” book and my knowledge for cheese was born), help Robert, the baker, with his bread that was nothing short of nurturing babies… PASSION was oozing everywhere and I drank every bit of it, I was in heaven. Times there, however, were not always the smoothest. Ronnie was a hard man to work for, had a vast knowledge of all aspects of the wine industry… and I loved him for it. He taught me my first lesson in the wine business… “don’t take anything personally”. My skin began to thicken as I was in residence there for 3 years. I learned, I worked hard, I met people from various walks of life, and networked a path for myself. During that time working at Ronnie’s, I enrolled myself into The International Wine Center in New York City owned by Mary Ewing Mulligan and Ed McCarthy (the authors of The Wine Book for Dummies that my mom had given me). I started out studying from a home program, which made me thirsty for more… I wanted to go to the school in NYC! My godmother and lots of family live in New Jersey, which was just a 30-minute drive to the school held at Chelsea Market Mall in Chelsea District of NYC. By the end of 1999, I had experienced NYC wine school and much more… my best friend, Janice, was a flight attendant for American Airlines at the time and based up there… free place to crash in the city after a night on the town! We lived it up for 3 months like we were superstars! I sipped, I savored, and I sought out everything I could learn about wine, I spoke it like a foreign language learned… my palette was becoming pristine and polished. I thought… “thank you God for this passion!” My return from NYC showcased a prepped and almost penniless Amy! It was all worth it. I returned to work with Ronnie for a time with a requested raise and more confidence in myself about what I had chosen to live. After that, I catapulted to Texas de Brazil as a wine assistant…  three months after that job… I found myself with a winery, Ironstone Vineyards, based out of the Sierra Foothills in Murphys, CA as their first Texas State Manager, then onto Chicago Area Manager, to my last acting role… a regional manager handling six states. Seven years had passed there when I was recruited to be a part of a USA team for Republic National Distributing Company based out of Dallas, Texas. I had known these guys for seven years already as my distributor for Ironstone, however, they were much more than that… they mentored me at the raw age of 25 and “brought me up” as one of their own even though I was a “supplier”… a dreaded kind, ha!

I was happily with RNDC until… our team went to New Orleans! We were attending our national sales meeting during the New Orleans Food and Wine Festival in 2008… food, wine, daiquiris, and then… love… struck me at a Lucky Dog stand on Bourbon Street. I met a man from California… we pursued a relationship between California & Texas… love and wine brought me to Santa Rosa, California and… here I am today! The passionate love affair lost its steam… however… my first love of wine never faded… and I have been blessed to learn much from the wine country here in Sonoma County and Napa.  It is almost as if I have returned to my roots…

Even though I am born and bred a Texas mare, my first trip to Sonoma County in 1998 as a surprise birthday trip from my college boyfriend revealed a love for this area… I returned home and told my mother I knew that I was going to retire there one day… little (wait, I mean… a lot!) did I know… here I am!

I resigned from Southern Wine and Spirits for many reasons… I was losing my luster for the wine business and it concerned me, I felt that I was numbing a passion that I knew not to be extinguished. A restoration was needed…  that I knew… from talks with God… that my passion is divinely inspired. I was hungry to work a harvest full time which is happening in Napa now… the Pinot Noir is being hand picked Friday! I also wanted to take some time to travel, visit family, and go back to Texas for a while… my roots… and reconnect.

The timing had to be set up financially and sure enough it was… it is Gods timing…

There is a new flight happening and it is one that could only be taken to higher heights by surrendering some “weights”…. It is uncomfortably comfortable… perfect!

I guess my point of this story is… that I am learning how to enjoy the journey that was meant for me, and once that is walked, everything else falls into place around me. I have to breathe before I can be truly alive with the ones I love around me. I have to be true to me… rooted in me. I do believe there is divineness to that because as I root in me, I am truly rooted in God… He supports me… He is the root… and we are growing together… I do believe that He orchestrates and landscapes the most beautiful and best fruit in me… if I let Him. He allows me to make my own choices… He never forces me to do what I am told or how to do things… He guides… but always allows me to make that choice even if it is not the best one… listening to His guiding voice would have been better… but we all have to figure it out for ourselves don’t we? …that is just my observation.

And to that I raise a glass… and say… to all that is dreamed and rooted in LOVE!!

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