How to Pack the Perfect Wine Country Picnic

Springtime is here, time to pack a picnic and celebrate the warmer weather, gathering outdoors, and being with the ones we love. I love everything about picnics — the fresh air, the vitamin D, casual vibe, and easygoing conversation with my family and friends. Here is my checklist for how to pack the perfect essentials for your wine country picnic.

how to pack the perfect wine country picnic

What to Bring

  • Beverages – There are plenty of beverages to choose from in Sonoma Valley. My favorite is wine, usually a rosé that I carry in a wine holder bag. I also like to have plenty of still and sparkling water on hand with lemons to stay hydrated. Choose fun cocktails, beers, fruit infused drinks, and sangrias that are to-go friendly in fancy cans.
  • Foods – Sonoma offers many foods to curate your picnic. My favorite picnic foods are gourmet deli sandwiches, condiments like pickles, pepperoncinis and olives, mustards, truffle chips, and dark chocolate with raspberries or strawberries. Cheeses and charcuterie are go-to essentials served with crusty French bread or crackers. Chocolate chip cookies, brownie bites, whatever you want. Read Where to Grab your Picnic Provisions in Sonoma.
  • Picnic Basket – A picnic basket that holds all the goodies like this insulated one from Target.
  • Picnic Blanket – A cozy picnic blanket with some pillows or backrests, maybe some throw blankets if it gets chilly.
  • Napkins – Paper towels, cloth napkins, paper napkins — have plenty on hand.
  • Wipes – Have plenty of wipes for washing hands.
  • Plates – Serving plates, cheese plates
  • Utensils – Spoons, forks, knives, cutting knife for charcuterie or cheese
  • Corkscrew – Don’t forget your corkscrew! I also like to find wines that don’t need a corkscrew, such as a screw cap closure, which is a great sealer for wines and keeps them fresh.
  • Water Bottles – Stay hydrated, sun and alcohol can quickly make you dehydrated.
  • Hat/ Sunglasses – Keep your eyes protected in the sun, good for preventing wrinkles too!
  • Music/ Bluetooth Speaker – Here is one of my favorite picnic playlists from Apple Music.
  • Flowers – flowers can symbolize playfulness like daisies, romance like roses, or your favorite flower just because.

Top Tip

A wine country picnic doesn’t have to be fancy, gather a few of your favorite treats and people to head outside for some rest and relaxation.

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