… Freedom Within

I love July 4th & all it symbolizes… freedom, tradition, family & friends gathering together to celebrate the USA and the passage to indulge in all things summer…  barbeque, beer, and baseball (Go Cubbies!)

This Independence Day took on a symbolization of its own for me. One year ago, July 4th, was supposed to be my wedding day. Many circumstances led to the demise of this event and little did I know at the time that the disengagement of what I thought was true love was to be the beginning of the truest love I have ever known. This love has set me free… truly free.

You see, I thought I was free. However, the very things I thought made me free actually were holding me in bondage. Have you heard the saying, “Perception is reality”? I lived it and did a pretty amazing job at keeping it up. Unbeknownst to me, the sheets were about to be shaken out & I was to be made like freshly scented high thread count sheets airing in the sun… cozy, warm, inviting… resting in peace.

Many guardian angels directed me on the path that was intended for me all along. As I was busy hanging out on other people’s paths, my angels were delicately & fervently grooming the path created for me waiting patiently for my return. I knew I was on my path when I started seeing my present and future with great clarity… I had arrived home. It was as if I had been welcomed with amazing hugs and kisses that were healing to the touch and could not compare with the human hugs and kisses I have so often adored and craved. I was free and no longer in the dark about what that meant.

There are so many situations that led me to the light that a blog could not hold, however, I will say that the words, “where the Spirit of the Lord is present, there is freedom” rang true and the experience has permeated my soul over the past year. God has physically and emotionally shown me what that means thru experience with Him, and all things have shifted naturally. The temptations and desires that were so “freeing” dissolved and I have since been walking in the light and learning a “clean, pure heart with a new & loyal spirit”.

Now, in anything that I experience in life & when that day comes for me to walk down the aisle to the man who God has chosen for me (tall, green eyes, brown hair, and led by the Spirit!) I will really understand what that commitment means and there is true freedom in that. Because I am free, I can set others free in my relationship with them… and isn’t that where the source of Love begins? Freedom within so there is freedom with each other? Now that calls for some champagne…  and of course…. fireworks!!!!!!


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