About Amy.

aboutamy.“Tell me a little bit about yourself”… I have always cringed when I hear those words… whether it be the first question in an interview, a new potential romance, or getting to know a new friend that has entered my life… I always get an uneasy feeling in my soul, “how am I supposed to tell even a little bit about me in just a few sentences or even a paragraph?”… I think to myself… “where do I start, which part of the timeline?” It just seems overwhelming.

god.food.wine. originally grew as part of my journey about me… getting to know myself, really knowing deep inside who I am, the real truth ME. The me that was born an original, along the path steering away from that only to return back to facing myself in the mirror… ME.

This is a life long journey of stepping into who I am and all that I desire to be… my destiny! It is about walking each step, one foot in front of the other, and watching the tiles light up along the path as I step forward… shining bright!

I was born a writer, and I am rediscovering that about me… god.food.wine. has been a very flavorful, savory, delicious way of experiencing this  … I am still enjoying each tasty bite! There are many decadent courses to come… it is a feast… may I have a glass of Schramsberg rose’ please? I have a story… YOU have a story… let’s celebrate!

I thought I might write more “about Amy” right now, yet as I am writing I feel to share with you over time… as we sit at the table… laughing, talking… let’s pour ourselves a glass of wine, enjoy this hearty meal together … one word at a time…

My hope for you is that as we share this feast, your experiences in life become your own flavor, your own style, with only the seasoning and flair that you can create… no one has the same experience in the world as we are all created unique… even when the experience is shared together… now, how beautiful is that?!

My hope for me is… that I always “come to the table” the person that I have always been… organic Amy!

I am excited to be a part of the feast that we create together… god.food.wine.

To that, I raise a glass of Syrah & say… “TO ALL THAT IS GOOD!”

god.food.wine. Copyright © 2018 by Amy Biege.


5 Responses to About Amy.

  1. Krista says:

    I love your writing style and perspective on life. Thank you for sharing and being transparent! Much Love and Joy!

  2. Steve Dryden says:

    Happy Holidays, I enjoy your articles, when are you going to write more? Steve from WineFoodGuide.com or sbdryden@hotmail.com

  3. Nolan says:

    As eloquent as you are beautiful.You have a beautiful soul.xoxo

  4. adam- says:

    Recently found your web-site. Love your thoughts and comments! Hope you are doing well in all aspects of life! Best Wishes- amb

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