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Welcome to god.food.wine.

We’re so grateful that you’re here!

In Sonoma Valley, good conversation, food, and wine are everyday staples. Gathering around the table is an art form, as a collage of people, locally grown organic foods, and wines born and raised here flow freely.

I have served the food and wine industry for 21 years, where I have seen the table, a memorable bottle of wine, and savory food provide a perfect setting to share conversation with one another. My experience has taught me to appreciate that bonding with one another in our life’s journey is often found on common ground. We all have to eat, and a stunning bottle of wine inspires conversation to flow.

Our heart is to share with you the beauty of the table of Sonoma Valley and all it has to offer. Here you will find inspired conversation, delicious foods, and stunning wines from Sonoma Valley. You will also find recipes that are dear to my heart that I want to share with you!

Join us around the table of god.food.wine. Let’s have a glass of wine, enjoy a good meal — who knows what we will talk about.

Made with Love and Grace, Amy