Que Syrah, Syrah!

God led me tonight to read past stories I have written, this is one of my favorite stories and one that is right on time for harvest… the food and wine theme in reading these past stories tonight is “Provence”… wine in hand is a rose’ from Cotes de Provence… with that I raise my glass to “to all that is good… to a good harvest 2014 in the vineyard of our hearts!”


Almost a year ago, I dined in San Francisco’s Mission District at an Italian neighborhood joint… Delfina. It was an amazing culinary experience and the treasure for me was the taste of luscious, creamy butter beans on my palette. These were the first butter beans I had tasted outside of my Granddad’s garden. Butter beans are my all time favorite bean… which is an influence of my Granddad’s Alabama upbringing… they are a true Southern staple!

 I had just taken in a 49er’s game with my friends, Tom & Gustavo. We went to Delfina after our WIN to imbibe in great food, even better wine, and best of all… lots of laughter! During conversation, it came up that my mother’s wonderful friends, Amy Jo & Ab, were coming out to the wine country with their in-laws in tow… I couldn’t wait to see them! They both looked at each other, smiled…

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