Brand New Key


Item Condition: Used Once – purchased at a roller skating rink in Dallas for my roller skating birthday party… worn only that day!

My “Birthday Lap” was an unforgettable moment for me. It was 7:30ish am on a muggy winter Friday morning in Dallas, Texas.  I was meeting the owners, a husband and wife duet, at Interskate Roller Skating Rink, before they opened for business that day. My purpose of meeting with them was to clarify a few details about the birthday party that was happening that evening at their rink to celebrate “February Friends’ Birthdays!”  I had my outfit chosen… chocolate brown terrycloth romper, white knee high socks with hot pink stripes that circled around the upper portion of the socks right below the knees, a hot pink Members Only jacket found at a vintage store on Greenville Avenue in Dallas – PERFECT! All I needed (in my mind) was a brand new pair of roller skates… and… there they were… staring at ME that Friday morning… for sale at the rink that was to begin my 30 – something year with a POP…. a brand new pair of Olympian Plus Belair white leather roller skates! After Bernie sold me on hot pink shoelaces and pom poms with bells to round out my birthday outfit, I rationalized my almost $200 purchase with a request for a “birthday lap” around the rink with the music turned up loud. I wanted to try out my newly purchased roller skates on the shiny, clean, maple floor of Interskate Roller Skating Rink before anyone else. Bernie turned on the music, “Brand New Key” and off I rolled to my first birthday lap of the season.  It was fun, my own private moment. I was turning thirty-something, I had a dream to create a roller skating party for me and my friends who shared February as a birthday month. As I skated around the rink, I reminisced about my days as a little girl going to roller skating lessons, winning roller skating trophys, having and going to roller skating parties… the smells of used rental roller skates, popcorn, soda, the musty, sweaty smells… all of it came back to me… the shiny, clean, maple, round rink embraced my eyes as Bernie turned the lights down low that magnified the neon lights on the rink… backwards skate anyone?

That evening, our rollerskating party started around 10pm… me and my friends rolled in the margarita machine, beers, wines, sodas, waters, pizzas, cupcakes… inserted every rollerskating themed movie we could find into the DVD players, Xanadu, Boogie Nights, Roll Bounce… LET’S ROLL!

Friends started entering into the rink looking mighty fine as the music disco tunes of the 70’s and rock hits of the 80’s welcomed their presence… dressed in their finest roller skate attire – afros, skates, rompers, Members Only jackets, rock concert t-shirts, washed out jeans, halter tops, shorts, mullets, sunglasses… we placed our skates on the rink and dropped, popped, and locked it! It was an unforgettable night.

My very first kiss was at a roller skating rink in Odessa, Texas in 6th grade. I never cease forgetting the exciting rush and nervousness of kissing a boy that was to me the most beautiful boy I had ever seen… Latin… with a foreign accent… his name was Efren and I was totally mesmerized by him. As he kissed me, I felt light headed in my rented out roller skates. I knew that kissing boys wasn’t permitted (as my parents had instilled in me) which added a new level to my exhilaration.

I have a brand new car, well, it’s used actually… its brand new to me. It is a 2003 Acura RSX, black, sporty… I call my car “Roller Skate” It symbolizes a new era of car freedom as I had to surrender my last car back to the lender, it was too expensive to keep up with and for 3 months, I did not have my own car. It was a challenging, emotional, humble, strong, and gracious time as I learned about giving and receiving to a new degree. My friends and colleagues generously gave of their time and love to help me get around town whether driving me themselves, carpooling, or lending me their car for periods at a time. I have amazing people in my life, I am so thankful. I made some great friends with taxi cab drivers who even on some days… as I was getting out my wallet, said… “not today, its on me” to the boldest story… a ride back from Napa to Santa Rosa in a  Bear Republic beer truck… a GOD story (one I will share in another blog), one that I will always Cheers to!! God has a sense of humor and can use circumstances and creative means to introduce people, just sayin!!

God has given and is giving me “brand new keys” in my life, He has taught and teaches me about living and loving from His roller skating rink… His HEART. I love to roller skate with God and as we skate, laugh, sing, and create new moves of our hearts together in infinity fashion, a new path lights up and creates new styles, new forms, new POP!

There is one “brand new key” that I am waiting for and I know God is picking the perfect timing. I am excited and lightheaded to think about the man that God has chosen for me to roller skate the rest of my life with… my husband. He has the “brand new key” to my heart that will begin the “couples skate only” in the roller skating rink of God’s heart…  together… as we Pop, Lock, and Drop our romance for the rest of our lives to infinity!

And to that I raise a glass of a good ole’ Texas Margarita and say, “To you, my husband… I gotta a brand new heart, you gotta a brand new key”


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