A Pure & Crazy Heart… The Story.

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess who had whatever hair color she wanted and who loved to paint her toes a lovely rainbow hue while singing Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” along with her friends and talk about lovely, handsome princes …no…no…every romantic castle story seems to start that way…hmm, hmm…

Once upon a time there was a large horned frog that lived outside the castle where he was once living as a handsome prince with his best buddies that he loved to play sports with, watch shows on the largest flat screen TV in all the land, play music (he happened to favor the ukulele) and talk about fair ladies before the evil one cast a spell…. no, no, no…. let me try again…

OK… “Once Upon a Time…there was a woman who lived in the wine country of Zoe who happened to run into a gargantuous castle surrounded by water and a secret bridge that she so happily discovered and as the story goes…is how she began to live her life at that gargularious castle and all who heard of this were amazed…people around her suddenly noticed that good things were ALWAYS happening to her…it surprised people who knew her and as they watched her life unfold…some were happy for her, others were jealous, and then again…others… didn’t believe that the way she received good things were pure…for you see,

…her heart was the purest heart in the land…

…and pure hearts are something that is hard for the world to understand…

She was enjoying living life in her castle with her family and friends all around her (as castles can house all the people you love and even people who you don’t know who are in need of a cozy castle) people flocked to her home…and as they entered felt the presence of “something different”, an air that blanketed them with peace and passion. You could imagine that maybe a fairy godmother or a fairy whose name ends in Bell and tinkers with Twinkies… I mean Twinkle Dust…could be the reason that all things were lovely at this castle…yet it just wasn’t so…

…Wait, PAUSE…the story for a moment…for all you adults…let me explain…this story is best read from a child’s heart…simple and true….rest your mind…imagine.

This is the first chapter of the story…sweet dreams…say your prayers… I will continue the story…till the end…tomorrow… see how they lived happily ever after… Amen.

… and to that I raise a glass of Preston Barbera and say…love, live, laugh… in a castle!”

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