~ Whisper Sweet Nothings ~

amy.love.“I love you… you mean the world to me… you’re the most beautiful person I know… there’s no place I’d rather be… don’t go… let me hold you… you are intoxicating… I have been looking for you my whole life… you complete me… you are amazing… your kisses…. do you feel the way I do?”

A cozy corner booth with a candle glow in an intimate restaurant… a picnic shared in a vineyard… covered in rainbow-colored leaves of fall… watching the sunset… cuddly moonlit night with the smells of pine trees lingering and crickets chirping… ocean breezes… sounds… a shared hammock watching the stars… eyes longingly gazing at each other while sipping on wine in front of a fragrant fireplace… sharing smells, textures, colors of a beautifully created meal… cozy blankets, movies, popcorn… rewind… “I got lost in you for a moment.”

“Whisper sweet nothings into my ear… right by your side is where I belong… I am home.”

To “whisper sweet nothings” in a person’s ear means to talk softly and lovingly to someone, while holding that someone close, and letting them know how much you love them.

2012.Sonoma County.Balletto.Rose’ of Pinot Noir.

2013.Sonoma County.Amy Biege.First Kiss of new Rose’.2.11.13.Love at First Sight.

2.16.13.My Birthday. Balletto 2012 Rose’ of Pinot Noir Debuts! “You had me at Rose'”

Yesterday was just like any other day… I woke up after a few snooze buttons… enjoyed a hearty breakfast with a bold cup of coffee… took my walk… enjoyed quiet time reading… got ready for the day with reggae playing as my inspiration… drove to Balletto (thank you Sarah!) and got ready to greet the beautiful and starry-eyed wine tasters that would come through the door from all walks of life on all ends of the planet… ready to fall in love… I am ready to “whisper sweet everythings” into their ears to inspire them falling in love with… Balletto Vineyards Wines!

Yesterday was not just any other day… as I walked through the doors of Balletto’s tasting room… it was just like the first time I walked through the same doors four years ago… I fell in love all over again… a beautiful, bright, and delicate coral colored Rose’ was staring at me… around the bottle was a personalized name tag “Amy” … this Rose’ was mine… I knew it from my “first kiss”, my first sip enjoyed in Sonoma County yet here it was again… like I had never seen… it was a “new love”. I always thought the Balletto Rose’ was gorgeous yet there was something different by the way this 2012 Rose’ looked at me… it knew it was different, it knew it had changed… for the best… and I was eager to taste this loving wine on my lips.

I eagerly poured the Balletto Rose’ into my wine glass… softly… closed my eyes… held it close, savored the fragrant aroma of roses… roses…roses… this flower knew its destiny. My lips drew closer to the Rose’ as my heart beat as a butterfly… “you are beautiful”… perfect fruit… full of luscious flavor… juicy peaches… “I am so glad you met me”… “Mmm… you smell so good!”

What “sweet something” would I enjoy my Rose’ with? Oh, just about anything… let your mind go… relax… get cozy… enjoy this “new love”… start out as friends on Facebook.com/BallettoVineyards.

My favorite Rose’ pairing is yet to be known… when that day comes, I will know!

… to that… I raise a glass of Balletto 2012 Rose’ of Pinot Noir and say “Happy Love Day” today and every day!

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