“Living the Dream”

There are currently 6, 911, 633, 029 human beings living on the planet Earth according to the World Population Clock… as I just typed these words the number is already outdated.

This number of life is a constant ebb and flow… as a human being enters this world, a human being is exiting this world… there is one divine creation that physically, emotionally, and spiritually symbolizes this ebb and flow ~~~~~ our Heart ~~~~~

As a baby’s heartbeat is seen or heard in a mother’s womb to signify life, a human beings heartbeat can be seen stopping and not heard to signify death. It is the divine factor that we all live by.

One day, while I was working, I heard God say to me in my own heart… “the cares of this world do not compare with the matters of the heart”

I wrote this first chamber on “living the dream” on April 19th, 2011…. it has taken me awhile to write the second chamber and now I know why…

Our human hearts have four chambers… each chamber is like an individual room, with doors that let blood in and out…. I am almost borderline to continue this writing to become a dissertation as to all the physical functions of the human heart, however, my heart is beating another way tonight…. and as I write I will learn what that heartbeat is….

I wish I could have recorded the very first time my heart beat… the origin of my heartbeat… since then my heart has created many different beats… I believe now that my heart is beating in peaceful succession and it makes my heart happy!!

One day while creating in the kitchen, I heard… “living the dream” to one heart beat and to the next I heard “living the lie”…. I reflected on what I heard…. God revealed that the worldly idea of “living the dream” is a mirage, an illusion only leaving a person thirsty and dry… because in reality  it is “living the lie”… He then proceeded to say that “living the dream” meant having His heartbeat…. His heart… a heart that fulfills all desires in the spiritual world as well as the worldly world… it is an inside out benefit! As we pump His love into our hearts, He pumps out all good benefits…. breath, life, purity, and as we breathe clearly, worldly benefits increase… as we try to pump in worldly desires first it contaminates our hearts due to stress, striving, angst, pain… even if we think it starts out as blissful… it is counter-culture to what hearts are originally created to do.

It is no wonder why heart disease is so popular, we have “dis-ease” and are killing ourselves… actually participating in the death or life of ourselves by the choices we make…are we creating spiritual blood clots?

Today is May 18th… I am cooking Indian food while sipping on a laid back yet strong hearted Petite Sirah… this is my third chamber and my heart is more open than ever!

I think I just entered the fourth chamber, ha! Joyful blood pumps fast!! My taste buds have been soothed from their spicy state to a calm rest from some very fresh chocolate yogurt with cream…. and yes… the petite sirah will do just fine!

My heart is open, my heart is peaceful, my heart is…. there is not one heart that is shaped the same as yours… just like your thumbprint… just like your palette… just like you… no one in this world has a heart that looks the same as yours….

I am reading a book by one of the few female heart surgeons in the world called “Heart Matters”. Her name is Kathy E. Magliato, MD and I am captivated by every word she writes, as my heart beats (do you know our heart will beat an average of three billion times… enough to pump one million barrels of blood in a lifetime…. that’s a lot of wine!!!) … I read every word of her story… my heart has sunk, cried, laughed, hurt, stopped… if you think you are having “a day” read about a heart surgeons’… Dr. Magliato literally holds people’s hearts in the palm of her hands every day… to me that is a complete honor to be trusted with others hearts… physically and spiritually….

I believe that I have had a heart surgery of my very own… Dr. God has restored mine and is perfecting the original creation of my heart. This spiritual surgery is naturally healing any physical manifestations… rapid heart beat, anxiety, high blood pressure, sharp pains in my heart…. all things that lead to dis-ease….

I hear the word “surrender” as I am writing this… surrender and trust your hearts to God even if you do not believe in Him… if you take the  “risk” to say the words in your spirit… “God, I surrender to You!” it might just save your life from a “high risk” state…. what do you have to lose? What does your heart say? After all… it beat your first breath, it will beat your last… your heart has the final say.

And to that I raise a glass and say…. “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth… and the HEART”

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One Response to “Living the Dream”

  1. Lannah says:

    well written…I’m so grateful that God uses you to speak to others. I pray that I will also be able to do the same some day soon. 🙂

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